She Sold Her Mercedes
For a Motorcycle!

Sash Walker was on the brink of suicide, holding a loaded gun in her mouth. Years of enduring child abuse, rape, drugs, the death of her boyfriend and a failed marriage, she was ready to end it all.

Read the true story of a suburban housewife who met the man of her dreams, transformed her life and career, and became the woman she always wanted to be through the memory of her father's wisdom.


Inspiration Inside!

“Learning is finding out what you already know. Doing is demonstrating that you already know it." - Daddy

A Little Girl Lost
In her teens, Sash was sold for sex by her mother. As a young woman she became addicted to drugs. She hoped her marriage would turn her life around, only to find herself decaying under his thumb.
Turning a New Leaf
Inspired by a song she heard on the radio, the transformation from suburban housewife to biker chick began. She set off on a motorcycle road trip that would change her into the woman she is today.
Six Month Road Trip
Follow Sash's six month motorcycle adventure through 26 states, enduring rain, wind, hail, and cold with the help of her father's words whispering in her helmet.

Overview of Rude Biker Chick

"People often tell me how lucky I am, and in a certain way, I agree. But I wonder if they had to live my entire life if they would still classify me as "lucky". - Sash Walker

Part One

The Six Month Road Trip

Sash reveals the challenges of riding a motorcycle across the country for six months, the bad weather, her fibromyalgia, and what she gained from the experience.

Part Two

Growing Up Tina

Raised in a culture of drug abuse, physical abuse, and sexual abuse, the only rules Tina knew is that there were no rules. The death of her boyfriend and her subsequent, abusive husband, took her to the brink of suicide.

Part Three

Lessons From My Daddy

While her father passed away in 1990, he really never left Sash. Throughout the six month motorcycle trek across America, she continued to hear his wisdom as she rode along highway after highway.


Sash's Message

An acronym for Boldly Embrace Your Own Uniqueness, it has defined Sash from the old Tina, and continues to be the message she delivers to women she meets.

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The Testimonials

What fellow women motorcyclists, authors, and journalists have to say after reading this book!

Janet Green, Biker Chick News

This book is seriously fearless. If you are not moved by Sash's story, inspired by her words, and motivated to kick the living shit out of people who make your life miserable, well you are dead in your soul.

Lisa Brouwer, Full Throttle Living

There is something to be said for being a student of the road. It’s Sash’s posture of learning, and her sheer determination in the down times, you will come to love and respect by the last page of this book.

Bonnie Nichols, Managing Editor, South Park Blog

Moving Memoir. A tough childhood, struggles with addiction, and an unhappy marriage can't keep a good woman down. Tina "Sash" Walker emerges from the shadows of shame and learns to embrace life filled with honesty and self-acceptance.

Martin Lastrapes, Author of "Inside the Outside"

In Rude Biker Chick: Lessons From My Daddy, Tina Walker has written a memoir brimming with honesty, heartache, and hope.

About The Author

“Everyone I meet has something to teach me, as does every mile. I want nothing more than to learn from each one.” - Sash Walker

Sash Walker

Sash Walker sings terrible karaoke, dances on bar tops and enjoys working and motorcycling around North America with her husband Steve. ​Founder of Too Much Tina Media, ​she's a new grandmother, old poet and former beauty queen turned motorcycle marketer. Follow her personal writings at

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